Sianna Sherman Workshop

I was really excited yesterday to get the opportunity to hang out in Primrose Hill at the very plush Triyoga and spend a few hours gaining further insight into the biomechanics of the body with one of my favourite teachers Sianna Sherman. If you haven’t heard of her she teaches online classes on Yogaglow and is definitely worth checking out. I really enjoy the way she uses myth to get deeper into asana- she also paces her classes really well and I guarantee it’s impossible to get off your mat not feeling lighter in mind and body

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been teaching there is always so much more to learn- endless possibilities and the more I teach the more questions I have! But then that’s part of the fun of our practice.  

I feel really lucky to be able to experience classes with great teachers such as Sianna online however nothing beats the atmosphere and vibe of being in class with fellow students and all flowing together.


Biomechanics of the body

Opening the thoracic spine in downward dog




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