Easter Interlude

I spent Easter weekend at Triyoga in London. It was the first time since having children that I didn’t have them with me so wanted to do something different to mark the occasion instead of sitting at home wishing they were with me.

I spent Friday and Sunday with Elena Brower – she is probably most well known as a yoga teacher on yoga glow but she published a book recently ‘The Art of Attention’ which I greatly enjoyed reading.

I’ve blogged before about how the reality of working as a yoga teacher often means it’s very hard to get to a class and be a student. I try and give myself a gift of a workshop every year. Not just to make time for myself and my yoga practice but to stop getting burnt out and reinvigorate my own practice. 

If I had to condense the days into a few things I have taken away it would be this:

Changing the placement of the hands in Utthita Parsvakonasana ( extended side angle) 

Prayers of honoring’ by Pixie Lighthorse


Iced Green Tea with Pomegranate 

As the weather begins to warm up its good to have a supply of cold drinks on hand to rehydrate after your yoga practice. One of my favourite ‘go to’ drinks is iced green tea with pomegranate juice.

Pomegranates aren’t native to the UK and I don’t have time to try and source and juice them so o go for ‘POM’ as its 100% pure juice with no added .
Simply buy a bottle of Voss water and once you’ve finished it instead of recycling wash it reuse as the container for your homemade power iced tea.

Make a cup of green tea ( I love clipper free tea wou lemon as they don’t dye the bags) and leave it to cool. Once cool pour into the water bottle leaving a small amount of room at the top for the POM. How much POM you use is down to personal taste but it’s from concentrate so a little goes a long way.

Nutritional benefits are many: full of antioxidants, fat burning properties, kills bacteria and inhibits virus’s so great for oral hygiene and sweet smelling breath.

No 1- it tastes lovely! Enjoy! 


SUP Yoga

Namaste friends- it’s been a good few months since I posted anything on this site. I’ve been too busy enjoying the outdoors to be writing on the blog. As those of you who have been following my adventures in all things yoga know, I went to Mexico last year for a holiday and had hoped to try ‘stand up paddle board yoga’. Unfortunate I hurt my back on day one of the trio and was unable to have a go………..roll on a year and I’m thrilled to say I’ve taken my exam and am now a qualified and insured SUPFit Yoga instructor.

I’m not offering any classes in Chelmsford yet as I need to find a safe place to tether and find a SUP company to work with so looking at 2016 to have more of an offering. I can offer 1-2-1 classes as I am luck enough to have two boards. Check out my other pages for more information.


How do you find your yoga teacher?

One of the hardest things to do as a Yoga teacher, is not actually the lesson planning or the teaching but the business side of things. Paperwork, tax returns and the all important business of self promotion. I have just added my name onto the YogaTrail listings site – it’s not one I’ve used myself before so will be interested to see how it works and if I get any interest from it. How do you promote yourself if you are a teacher and do you use social media to find classes??

I am not my body, I am not even my mind

I have already written about practicing Isha Kriya here on this site and I have also been using it as an easy way to make mediation accessible to students. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is ” if I am not my body, nor my mind – then what am I?!”

“I” is the ego talking: ” I want”, “I need”, “I desire”, the body is just a temporary vessel , our “meat suit”. What we look like, how we define ourself by dressing , this too is ego.

When the ego is stripped away, when the body has disintegrated, what is left is pure unadulterated spirit- with no casing “I” becomes a pulse of pure energy, part of the universe and the meditation brings us to conclude we are all just pulses of this universal energy, timeless and all the same.

I’ll tell you a little story. I love the sea more than anything and I took a walk out before dawn with my dog Ozzie. The world was silent and still, fog lay low over the town and visibility was poor. As I hit the promenade I started running with Oz and mentally repeated Isha Kriya. Running alone with my sweet pup I felt truly that we beat with one heart: I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am the fog that caress’s me, I am the waves that sing to me, I am the seagull soaring high above, I am the shingle rough under foot, I am the seaweed clinging to the breakwater, I am the wooden planks that make up the beach huts, I simply am as we all are, a part of every living thing in this universe, known and unknown



Happy Valentines Day Yogi’s

I’ve written before about how I love ‘bow pose’. This variation of ‘bow ‘ is ‘half bow’ with mudra. I find this a nice warm up pose leading to fulll bow and the mudra makes the whole pose feel very powerful . The pose also makes one think about alignment in the full pose, as everyone has one side stronger than the other. I like to ease in by doing this pose first – it helps one be mindful of fully extending through both sides of the body to bring more balance to the pose.

My meditation I’ve been using this month has been very simple, called Isha kriya one simply inhales and repeats “I am not my body”, and on the exhale “I am not even my mind”. This simple exercise leaves me feeling empowered and calm. How does it make you feel? One day I will post some videos if people think it would be helpful?



Suffolk Retreat 2015

If you’re a teacher looking for a retreat space near London then I can highly recommend Potash Barns. This is the second year I’ve taken a group of students to Suffolk and we’ll definitely be going back next year: good food, studio overlooking the fields with lots of natural light, open fires and very peaceful.

The weekend was all about nourishing the body and mind through lots of yoga nidra, meditation, pranayama and focussing on the heart chakra for emotional strength. If you’re interested in the next one just email or call the number on the contacts page.





I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been having some internet free time which has been quite delightful! Went to the USA in the summer to do some more yoga adventuring and purchased 2 inflatable SUP’s suitable for practising yoga on.

I can’t wait to try the boards out in the UK but I think if could be a while as I’m definitely a warm weather rider. Paddling along with the sun shining and listening to the ebb and flow of the water is wonderfully relaxing. Actually practicing yoga on the water challenges the core but is also fun. Watch this space for some UK pics..

Yoga Tulum

For my birthday this year my boyfriend took us on vacation to Tulum in Mexico. It’s a haven for yogi enthusiasts . Everywhere you go there are signs for yoga: beach yoga, SUP yoga, vinyasa flow, kundalini, Hatha….

Within 2 says of arriving I hurt my back and was been unable to practice any physical yoga at all. Incredibly humbling as I’ve always taken my fitness for granted and it’s been a big wake up call. As a result I’ve read vociferously and taken beach
strolls, eaten wonderful food and chilled out.

It’s also meant that I’ve had a lot if time for reflection and a deeper insight into working with students with back issues. Like anything to all very well reading in school about what to do and how to assist but actually experimenting with myself has lead to some new thoughts on the subject.




Sup at last !

So I went off to Tulum in Mexico for my dream holiday with the intention of trying stand up paddle board yoga (SUP Yoga) and hurt my back participating in a yoga class in the first couple of days.

It was hugely surprising to be walking Ozzie and suddenly coming across a group of SUP beginners training on the canal near my home in Chelmsford. I followed the group as they went down river, marvelling at the luck in seeing them at this particular place. It might seem a common sight in warmer climes but is never seen anyone stand up paddle boarding in England.

Needless to say I went straight home and booked on the next possible course!