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I am not my body, I am not even my mind

I have already written about practicing Isha Kriya here on this site and I have also been using it as an easy way to make mediation accessible to students. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is ” if I am not my body, nor my mind – then what am I?!” “I” […]

Happy Valentines Day Yogi’s

I’ve written before about how I love ‘bow pose’. This variation of ‘bow ‘ is ‘half bow’ with mudra. I find this a nice warm up pose leading to fulll bow and the mudra makes the whole pose feel very powerful . The pose also makes one think about alignment in the full pose, as […]

Mala 101

A mala adds a tactile dimension to meditating- it is easy to get lost doing a mantra but the beads act as a kinaesthetic cue device- like a ladder the beads lead you to the heart of the practice