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Rockin and a Rollin

I had a lot of fun recently with my daughter messing around making videos. Nauliis a cleansing practice that massages the internal organs which aids health but also really empowers the core enabling lightness on the mat in various yoga poses. It’s actually quite difficult to see yourself doing a Nauli but it does help […]

Summer in a cup

Baltic Britain is beginning to affect my mood. Whilst I don’t necessarily suffer from SAD like many people the continued below freezing temperatures have contributed to a definite feeling of gloominess and lethargy. Yoga is a great tonic but foods can really assist in elevating mood too. This smoothie is like drinking a little glass […]

A juice a day keeps the Dr away

A quick way to get some nutrients in and still feel light in body and mind is to consume a delicious juice. This is one of my favourites and I’ve named it the G6 as it has 6 of my favourite greens (fruit and veg) in it. Recipe 1/2 cucumber 3 ribs of celery 1 […]

Blessings to all Mothers on Mothering Sunday

Amongst my many favourite books is ” To Bless the Space Between Us” by John O ‘Donohue. I love the beauty and thought behind his writing and this particular book is one to treasure and dip into time and time again for the many lovely blessings contained within. One that is came to mind immediately […]

Mastering Poses

I think one of the biggest learnings people come to through a regular yoga practice is that ” the study of asana is not about Mastering posture but using posture to understand and transform oneself One day a pose seems impossible and then another day it comes- but it’s the Journey between the ‘ almost’ […]

Wellness Brew

We had a fabulous time at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday but as so often happens after a party we all came down with colds. My go to formula for most colds is a hot toddy of some description. The following recipe is for alcohol free toddy Serves one In a mug, stir together a […]

Wedding Bells

My cousin is getting married today, “be drunk in love, as love is everything that exists ” ❤ Rumi

Across the Pond

It’s half term holidays so no classes for 2 weeks. I love the school holidays, it’s great to be able to lie in, be spontaneous or plan a great adventure without the rigidity of the school day. Today we have woken up in New York so no homemade juice today but an opportunity to try […]

Buckwheat Porridge

I love porridge with oats but many people find them hard to digest especially if they have a gluten intolerance. Mum swears that oats flare up her arthritis- because of this I have researched alternatives and have to say that Buckwheat is super delicious. Recipe: Leave a cup of buckwheat to soak over night. In […]

Happy Valentines

I’ve got my mother staying with me at the moment who constantly reminds me of the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” I love my mother dearly- she has a chronic sugar addiction and despite having type 2 diabetes and a kidney removed because of cancer can’t […]