Yoga Increases libido

New research from Korea suggest that 12 sessions of yoga can increase female libido in participants ages 30-60

How to build your practice

Learning the correct alignment in Tadasana (also known as mountain pose) will revitalise your practice as its the key to all the other asanas

Anahata ( Heart Space Poems)

Who doesn’t want to feel love?

Mala 101

A mala adds a tactile dimension to meditating- it is easy to get lost doing a mantra but the beads act as a kinaesthetic cue device- like a ladder the beads lead you to the heart of the practice

Sianna Sherman Workshop

I was really excited yesterday to get the opportunity to hang out in Primrose Hill at the very plush Triyoga and spend a few hours gaining further insight into the biomechanics of the body with one of my favourite teachers Sianna Sherman. If you haven’t heard of her she teaches online classes on Yogaglow and is definitely […]