Summer in a cup

Baltic Britain is beginning to affect my mood. Whilst I don’t necessarily suffer from SAD like many people the continued below freezing temperatures have contributed to a definite feeling of gloominess and lethargy. Yoga is a great tonic but foods can really assist in elevating mood too.

This smoothie is like drinking a little glass of sunshine. I use frozen fruit as its not the season here for fresh and I think it probably has more nutritional value due to being frozen within a few hours of picking.


Strawberries and Mango frozen
Chia seeds
Milk of choice ( I used rice in this incarnation but coconut is delicious)
Hemp powder 2 tsp

Why is it healthy?

Avocado is full of mono saturated fats that help the body to absorb vitamins.

Lime is packed with antioxidants

Mango is rich in Vitamins A and E

Strawberries reduce inflammation due to high levels of vitamin C

Banana is full of potassium

Hemp great source of vegetarian protein

Chia Seeds has more Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon, a wealth of antioxidants and a complete source of protein

Juice the lime and chuck in the blender with the rest of the ingredients and blitz. I add the milk last as its blending to control the consistency. Stop and taste it, if it’s too thick add more. I think it’s sweet enough but you could always add some honey or agave syrup if you fancy it


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    Great aretcli, thank you again for writing.

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