Yoga Increases libido

There was an article in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail today reporting that a recent Korean study showed increases in sexual libido of woman aged 30-60 after just 12 sessions of Yoga. This article interested me because undoubtedly yoga does increase libido,  but I think the main reason is not lowering blood pressure but just spending time hanging out with your own body on the mat.  Learning to love your body warts and all is very healing. Not judging the body through its ageing process and letting the ego destroy confidence is also very healing and its all these separate things going on that lead to increased body confidence and therefore greater freedom to enjoy the body in the bedroom. 

I hear a constant barrage of self criticism from all ages of female in my classes; ” my bottom is huge”, ” I feel terrible, I look so old and haggard”, “can you do anything about the ageing process everything is going south”, ” I wouldn’t want anyone to see my body the way it is these days”. We spend so long critiquing our bodies and the way age changes us that we miss the bloom of our beauty. The saddest thing is seeing gorgeous teenage girls on the cusp of womanhood with their whole sexual revolution in front of them, self harming through eating disorders and cutting when they should be excited about everything they have ahead of them.

Anyway rant over- if we put all the time we spent worrying about appearance into time on the yoga mat the world would be a better place and we’d all feel marvellous!

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    Yoga Increases libido « Bessie Refalo

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