Happy Valentines Day Yogi’s

I’ve written before about how I love ‘bow pose’. This variation of ‘bow ‘ is ‘half bow’ with mudra. I find this a nice warm up pose leading to fulll bow and the mudra makes the whole pose feel very powerful . The pose also makes one think about alignment in the full pose, as everyone has one side stronger than the other. I like to ease in by doing this pose first – it helps one be mindful of fully extending through both sides of the body to bring more balance to the pose.

My meditation I’ve been using this month has been very simple, called Isha kriya one simply inhales and repeats “I am not my body”, and on the exhale “I am not even my mind”. This simple exercise leaves me feeling empowered and calm. How does it make you feel? One day I will post some videos if people think it would be helpful?



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