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How do you find your yoga teacher?

One of the hardest things to do as a Yoga teacher, is not actually the lesson planning or the teaching but the business side of things. Paperwork, tax returns and the all important business of self promotion. I have just added my name onto the YogaTrail listings site – it’s not one I’ve used myself […]

I am not my body, I am not even my mind

I have already written about practicing Isha Kriya here on this site and I have also been using it as an easy way to make mediation accessible to students. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is ” if I am not my body, nor my mind – then what am I?!” “I” […]

Happy Valentines Day Yogi’s

I’ve written before about how I love ‘bow pose’. This variation of ‘bow ‘ is ‘half bow’ with mudra. I find this a nice warm up pose leading to fulll bow and the mudra makes the whole pose feel very powerful . The pose also makes one think about alignment in the full pose, as […]

Yoga Tulum

For my birthday this year my boyfriend took us on vacation to Tulum in Mexico. It’s a haven for yogi enthusiasts . Everywhere you go there are signs for yoga: beach yoga, SUP yoga, vinyasa flow, kundalini, Hatha…. Within 2 says of arriving I hurt my back and was been unable to practice any physical […]

Sup at last !

So I went off to Tulum in Mexico for my dream holiday with the intention of trying stand up paddle board yoga (SUP Yoga) and hurt my back participating in a yoga class in the first couple of days. It was hugely surprising to be walking Ozzie and suddenly coming across a group of SUP […]

Seaside fun

Went for a lovely walk on the beach yesterday. The sun was going down to the left and the moon in all her glory was out on the right. Inspired us all to throw some yoga shapes on the sea wall. Brooke and Henry invented the ‘sea tree’ and I lifted my wellies into half […]

How to build your practice

Learning the correct alignment in Tadasana (also known as mountain pose) will revitalise your practice as its the key to all the other asanas

Anahata ( Heart Space Poems)

Who doesn’t want to feel love?

Mala 101

A mala adds a tactile dimension to meditating- it is easy to get lost doing a mantra but the beads act as a kinaesthetic cue device- like a ladder the beads lead you to the heart of the practice

Sianna Sherman Workshop

I was really excited yesterday to get the opportunity to hang out in Primrose Hill at the very plush Triyoga and spend a few hours gaining further insight into the biomechanics of the body with one of my favourite teachers Sianna Sherman. If you haven’t heard of her she teaches online classes on Yogaglow and is definitely […]